Monica Rosenberg was awarded a Sloan Research Fellowship in Neuroscience!


Hayoung Song’s paper on narrative engagement and event memory was featured in UChicago News!


Congratulations to CAB Lab PhD student Hayoung Song and CAB Lab collaborator Nicole Hakim for winning 2020 Psychonomic Society Graduate Conference Awards! Hayoung was recognized for her project characterizing narrative engagement and its consequences for event memory [preprint], and Nicole was recognized for her work predicting working memory capacity and fluid intelligence from EEG data [preprint].


Congratulations to CAB Lab postdoc Dr. Omid Kardan for winning an International Society for Developmental Psychobiology 2020 Student/Postdoc Abstract Award for his work predicting age from functional connectivity in infancy and toddlerhood!


The CAB Lab welcomes two new MA students! Julia Pruin is a student in the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences program and Alfred Chao is a student in the Masters in Computational Social Science program.


The CAB Lab is excited to welcome two incoming PhD students next year! Anna Corriveau and Ziwei Zhang will join the CAB Lab as students in the Cognitive Psychology Program starting Fall 2020.


Extra! Extra! Check out Monica Rosenberg’s feature in UChicago News detailing her work building a predictive model of attention robust to fluctuations in attention across time and across multiple datasets: “Why do we sometimes have trouble paying attention?”


Congratulations to Wesley Meredith for presenting the CAB Lab’s inaugural poster—AND winning the Data Science Poster Award—at the University of Chicago’s Mind Bytes Research Computing Expo and Symposium!


Congratulations to Hayoung Song, who was awarded a Neubauer Family Foundation Distinguished Scholar Doctoral Fellowship by the University of Chicago!


The CAB Lab has arrived! Monica Rosenberg joined the University of Chicago faculty from Yale, and welcomes inaugural lab members Wesley Meredith, Hayoung Song, Omid Kardan, and Steven Cao.