Principal Investigator

Monica Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Monica Rosenberg is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago. Before coming to Chicago, she received her Ph.D. and postdoctoral training in the Department of Psychology at Yale. Before that, she was an undergraduate at Brown, where she studied cognitive neuroscience. Monica’s work uses functional MRI, behavioral experiments, and machine learning methods to investigate how we pay attention. When she isn’t in the lab, you can find Monica watching movies (a pastime she now calls “piloting”) or trying to hit a slice serve.

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Research Staff

Taylor Chamberlain

Taylor is the lab manager for the CAB Lab. Currently she is  working on a project investigating fluctuations in dynamic functional connectivity, and whether these fluctuations are predictive of cognitive performance. Before starting at the CAB lab, Taylor received her BA from UChicago and worked as a software engineer at Civis Analytics. She is broadly interested in the neural mechanisms underlying episodic and working memory.

Post-Doctoral Scholars

Omid Kardan, Ph.D.

Omid is a post-doctoral scholar in the CAB Lab and the Environmental Neuroscience Lab interested in cognitive and environmental neuroscience. His specific topic of research is the relationship between cognitive states and  scale-invariance of the brain activity measured with EEG and fMRI. Omid received his B.S. in bio-electrical engineering from the University of Tehran, and his Ph.D. in Psychology (Integrative Neuroscience) from the University of Chicago.

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Graduate Students

Hayoung Song, M.S.

Hayoung is a doctoral student in the Integrative Neuroscience Program. Hayoung is interested in the neural dynamics of our mental states, as we constantly interact with the external world and formulate our internal representation. In her free time, she enjoys pole dancing and nibbling chocolate chip cookies.

Anna Corriveau

Anna is a graduate student in the Cognitive Psychology Program. Anna is interested in how aspects of attention change over time and across individuals. When she’s not in lab, you can usually find Anna out for a run or trying to find the best chips and salsa in the city.

Ziwei Zhang

Ziwei is a graduate student in the Cognitive Psychology Program. She is interested in the neural underpinning of human learning and how attention helps us achieve flexible learning behaviors. Ziwei likes some good music, singing, watching movies and genuine human connections!

Julia Pruin

Julia is a graduate student in the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences (MAPSS) program. She graduated from Texas State University with a B.S. in Psychology and is interested in researching individual differences in attention and memory. Outside of the lab, Julia likes to cook, play video games, and visit museums.

Alfred Chao

Alfred is a graduate student in the Masters in Computational Social Science program. His research interests include the malfunctions of and relationships between attention, perception, and memory as well as the advanced methods by which these topics may be explored. Alfred graduated with a BA in Psychology from the University of British Columbia and enjoys writing, games, and observing comedy in the mundane.

Undergraduate RAs

Cheyenne Wakeland-Hart

Cheyenne is an undergraduate student in the college. She will graduate Class of 2021 with a degree in Neuroscience and is interested in the relationship between cognitive states and memory. When she isn’t in the lab, she enjoys playing guitar and relaxing with her cat.

Jassmin Deng

Jassmin is a third-year undergraduate student in the College. She will graduate Class of 2021 with a degree in Computational and Applied Math. She is interested in the interdisciplinary area between machine learning and neuroscience. When she isn’t in the lab, you can find Jassmin watching movies and listening to rock ‘n roll.

Michelle Liu

Michelle is a second-year undergraduate student in the College. She is double majoring in Psychology and Economics. She is working with Hayoung Song on a project that investigates the relationship between attention, memory and content generation. In her free time, she enjoys watching films, dancing and photography.

Lucy Tindel

Lucy is an undergraduate in the College, expecting to graduate with the Class of 2023. She is planning to major in Psychology and is additionally very interested in Neuroscience, specifically the mechanics that underlie different psychological experiences. In her free time, you can find her painting or listening to podcasts.


Nicole Hakim

Nicole is a doctoral student in the Integrative Neuroscience Program in Ed Awh and Ed Vogel’s cognitive neuroscience lab. Nicole is collaborating with Monica on projects that investigate working memory functional connectivity in both EEG and MRI. Nicole is broadly interested in how information can be actively maintained “in mind” and why this ability is so limited. When she isn’t in the lab, you can find Nicole making pottery or biking along the lakefront.

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Wesley Meredith, M.A.

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Steven Cao, M.A.