Interested in participating?

The CAB Lab runs a number of MRI and behavioral experiments. If you’re interested in participating, email us at or call us at (773) 795-0766 to learn more about our current studies. Make sure to let us know how you heard about us!

Interested in joining the CAB Lab…

as a postdoc? Please reach out to Dr. Rosenberg with a CV, contact information for references, and a brief statement of interest if you’re interested in joining the CAB lab as a postdoc.

as an undergraduate? Send Dr. Rosenberg an email with a brief overview of your interests and relevant coursework and experience. (Also—check whether this role would role satisfy any course requirements, and whether you’re eligible for federal work study funds.)

as a graduate student? Dr. Rosenberg will be considering applications to the University of Chicago Department of Psychology Ph.D. program for Fall 2023. If you are considering applying (here or to a Ph.D. program in Psychology elsewhere!), you may find these FAQs and this Sample Preparation Timeline helpful.